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Psychic InvestigatorGudu is a Hindu parapsychologist

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Gudu is the Psychic Investigator

Gudu travels with the crew of the Flying Capricorn as our resident "psychic investigator."

Click on the menu button "Steampunk" for more about the dirigible "Flying Capricorn" and our all new adventures in time travel.

Each episode involves a trip back in time to visit with a famous psychic to try and unravel one of the world's great mysteries.

Some of the difficult cases we've investigated include Aleister Crowley, the Spear of Destiny, the Angels at Mons, Nostradamus and the electrical wizard Tesla.

Soon you will be able to follow the exploits of Gudu, Flying Capricorn, time traveler Justin Time and Lulu in a series of 99 cent eBooks.

Watch this space for news of this new Steampunk series.

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