Apollonius of Tyana   by Jona Lendering, scholary work delving into the roots of the Western World ....The Life of Apollonius of Tyana by Philostratus {220 AD} as well as other ancient sources are used. Rare photograph of statue of Apollonius.
  Apollonius of Tyana   "Apollonius was born around 4 BC at Tyana, in Cappadocia, and is last heard of in Ephesus, over 100 years later. There are no records, or traditions, of his death. Immediately after his disappearance, his friends stated that he had been translated into the eternal realms, and was an Immortal." Well written bio of Apollonius, on a web site dedicated to the idea of immortality.
  Apollonius of Tyana   by Reginald Merton. The voice which had one night cried to the ship's captain, "Pan, great Pan is dead!" still echoed over the Tyrrhenian sea; the three magi of Chaldma had hardly climbed their towers after their journey to Bethlehem -- when Apollonius was born in the little town of Tyana in what is now Turkey.