Psi Links to UFOs

(former) Offical Billy Meier Web Page Steelmark online now has the only web page that was endorsed by 'Billy' Meier himself. Billy Meier's books are still there for sale.
UFO Folklore: Award winning site with well organized links to other UFO-relatedsites, including: Abductions, Ancient UFOS ? .. Area-51, Argentina, Arizona, Australia, Belgium, Book List, Brookings Report, China, C.I.A & UFOs, Crop Circles, Disney Video, Europe, Egypt, Foo Fighters, Germany, Great Links, The Gallery, Implants, Iran, Men In Black, Mexico, Michigan UFOs, Moo-tilations, NASA, Past UFOs, Project Bluebook, Roswell, Russia, UFO F.A.Q, U.S Military, Washington D.C., What Is This? What's New?
UFOs Small site with interesting personal opinions on UFOs."Have we been visited by beings from outer space? I suspect not, but the study of unidentified flying objectsstill fascinates me. I had many opportunities to discuss this subject with J. Allen Hynek years ago. Heinfected me with a little bit of his enthusiasm for UFO studies."
2010 UFO Sightings WebCam UFO, an up-to-date UFO reference site with links that lead to many of the top UFO stories of the year. Everyone from Obama to Joseph Campbell comment on UFOs.
International Fortean Organization Charles Fort was an avid collector of strange phenomena in the sky, and gives us reports from the late eighteen hundreds and early twentith century on UFOs, which were mainly dirgible and cigar shapes, hardly a 'flying saucer' amoung these strange sightings.