Psi Links to WIREHEADS

Shakti Neuromagnetic Signal Generator A low price Koren brain stimulator. Eight coils, applied over both sides, maximize your chances for a intense spiritual experience using Shakti For Windows.
Awakening Mind by Enlightened Enterprises   We market new age books and gifts. Our books concern using Mind Machines to enter natural and altered states of awareness, including kundalini and oobe states.
Wireheads Are the Future "Wireheads as described in the works of Larry Niven and others like Spider Robinson are people with a surgically implanted interface direct to the pleasure centers of their brain, which allows them to 'turn on' their personal happiness or pleasure like a light switch, requiring nothing more than a source of electrical power. It turns out that such physical surgery is unnecessary for many desiring the functionality of the wire, however-- thus lowering the fear and cost threshold for experimentation."