Sumerian Tablets

Around June 21 of 2006, the 260th Quartermaster Battalion providing Petroleum Support Surveillance around Talil Air Force Base southeast of Baghdad uncovered a copper box containing a set of lapis lazuli tablets with Sumerian cuneiform embedded from within its layers. Without knowing quite what they were dealing with, a panel was assembled, in part, by at least the NSA, through the resources of both the US and British governments, to review the findings which were consequently flown out to the British Museum in London. The members were assured that yes, the finding would be shared with the rest of the world upon completion, but apparently, the governmental forces involved reneged. This angered those flown out to the British Museum to help out on the project, and a translation ended up surfacing in Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Aleppo, Karachi, and Tangiers.

One of the linguists involved in the project received a visit from two men with NSA credentials. They explained the governmentís position and from what the Babylonian scholar described as, "pretty foggy terms." He remembered listening to them go on and on, but to him the only thing that was coming across was, "Iíd better not refuse."

The scholar was flown in an unmarked plane to the British Museum and was shown two cuniform clay tablet fragments that were found inside a copper box. According to his anonymous testimony:

"I did. It was very heavy, and very well crafted. I donít know, I guess the size of an average toolbox. And hereís something strange, too. It had a piercing glow, and one of my colleagues who arrived three days earlier said the box was found that way. That was causing a minor clamor among a lot of the scientists, and the next day a whole new set of protocols were installed. So that was really where the open discussion ended, and I was no longer able to wander from room to room when I had free time. I was taken back to the townhouse and basically kept there like a prisoner until the next day when we would start work again.

I think it had to do with all the discussion among the panel members. I had a meeting with several gentlemen [censor] some kind of core(?). They said they had a model which was unlike any other model they had seen and the idea of gasoline or nuclear energy as viable sources of energy was going to be turned on its ear. They said if the model did indeed prove out, life on earth as we know it would change over night...

I only saw two fragments of these tablets, but I can tell from that weíre dealing with something extraordinary. Cuneiform writing embedded, not carved, in thick chunks of lapis lazuli? I mean, thatís incredible. Weíve seen all kinds of innovative uses of this precious stone, but never have we seen it used in this manner. And from what Iíve worked with itís more than apparent that the Sumerians were utilizing technologies that we donít know anything about. The series(?) layering of lapis lazuli demonstrates that clearly. We donít know how they were made. They looked like carved glass(?) centered deep within inches of glass(?)...embedded, really. I donít know how else to describe it."

Is it possible that the 260th Quartermaster Battalion uncovered (looted) ancient artifacts pointing to the origins of humankind?