Books on Bigfoot
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    Field Guide to the Sasquatch

The thing that makes this book unusual is the inclusion of maps of where Sasquatch has been sighted. Not much new information will be found for anyone seriously interested in the Sasquatch. A small synopsis of the pros and cons about Sasquatch is included as well as a method of diecerning their tracks from those of bears as well as a list of sightings in California, Oregon, and Washington, including "Jacko", the only Sasquatch to ever have been captured.

    Male and Female : The Classic Study of the Sexes

From the anthropologist Margaret Mead. Gender issues explored. Much deeper exploration of sex-determined differences than the currently popular "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus." I spent an afternoon with Margaret Mead in the Seventies while filming an interview, and she certainly was the firey feminist. When there were delays, she became very angry and suggested that if women were running the show, there would be fewer problems.