Books by Ian Stevenson
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    Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation

Children who claim to remember a previous life have been found in many parts of the world , particularly in the Buddhist and Hindu countries of South Asia, among the Shiite peoples of Lebanon and Turkey, the tribes of West Africa, and the American northwest. Dr. Stevenson is sincere in his efforts to get reincarnation the serious scientific study it deserves.

    Children Who Remember Previous Lives : A Question of Reincarnation

Dr. Stevenson's 1987 book summarizes forty years of experience in the study of children who claim to remember previous lives. For many Westerners the idea of reincarnation seems remote and bizarre; it is the author's intent to correct some common misconceptions. New material relating to birthmarks and birth defects, independent replication studies with a critique of criticisms, and recent developments in genetic study are included. This work, written for laymen, gives an overview of the history of the belief in and evidence for reincarnation.

    Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect

In Dr. Stevenson's remarkable case histories of reincarnation, birthmarks and other physiological manifestations have been found to relate to experiences of the remembered past life, particularly violent death. Dr. Stevenson does not want to be associated with popular notions of the occult and magic. He considers himself a scientist and wants his work considered that way.