Books Skeptical About Goddess Worship
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    Goddess Unmasked : The Rise of Neopagan Feminist Spirituality

by Philip G. Davis. Anyone interested in the true origins of Wicca should read this book. It discusses with great precision and clarity how Wicca does not draw on ancient traditions themselves so much as on relatively recent theories and speculations about ancient traditions. He explains how and why nothing like a unitary goddess ever existed in antiquity.

    First the Antichrist : A Book for Lay Christians Approaching the Third Millennium

by Robert Horton Gundry, Bob Gundry. History established the pattern through world floods, Egyptian plagues, tribulations of all kinds. God leads his people through life's disasters, not around them. First The Antichrist rejects the pretribulation rapture scenario that God will open an escape route so Christians will be spared persecution. Rather, in a complex chain of events Christ will gather the church out of the world only after seven years of intense suffering, when Christ returns to rule.