Cults and Small Religions

Aum Shinrikyo - Leader: Shoko Asahara
A blind 32-year-old yoga teacher with 18,000 Japanese followers, many of whom were young scientists. Asahara convinced them that the end of the world is at hand and that a catastrophic war or natural disaster will result in all the followers going to heaven. On March 20th, 1995, they released poison gas in a Tokyo subway and killed 12 and sent 5500 to the hospital. (FBI files.)

Ahmadiyya Movement - Founder: Hazat Mirza
"Jesus was not a partner in the Godhead, as was not Jacob. Both of them were beloved prophets of God" (True Christianity and How it Leads to Islam).

Ananda Marga Yoga - Leader: Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
Jesus is considered God, but there is no Trinity. "Be constantly absorbed in the thought of God and you too will become God." (Baba's Grace-Discourses of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti).

Anthroposophical Society - Leader: Rudolf Steiner
Steiner's life was devoted to building up a complete science of the spirit, to which he gave the name Anthroposophy. Foremost amongst his discoveries was his direct experience of the reality of the Christ, which soon took a central place in his whole teaching. The many books and lectures which he published set forth the magnificent scope of his vision. From 1911 he turned also to the arts - drama, painting, architecture, eurythmy - showing the creative forming powers that can be drawn from spiritual vision. (Anthroposophical Webpages).

Arica - Leader: Oscar Ichazo
"The point of Arica is enlightenment, man's transcending from the state of ego into what's known as the void. This is a state of consciousness ... It's not God. It's God Consciousness." Aricans blend physical exercise and meditation. God is formless, thus Christ cannot be God (Awakening Ways to Psycho-Spiritual Growth, C. William Henderson).

Assemblies of Yahweh -
Yahwehism involves the Sacred name, keeping the Sabbath, Old Testament dietary laws and Feast Days. They also believe God's true name (Yahweh) must be known. Various groups across the U.S. with assorted names.

Baha'i World Faith -
Baha'i, an independent world religion based on "a unique revelation of God," traces its roots to an early division within Islam. God, called by different names, is one but unknowable. Christ was a "manifestation" of God and a way to God, but not the ONLY way to God.

Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship - Leader: Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
"God is a secret and a mystery, but man is also a mystery. Only God can see God. So if man is to see God, he must become God. Man becomes God, and God becomes man. It's no big deal," says Bawa. (Psychology, April,1976).

Black Muslims - Leader: Louis Farrakhan
Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad: A sect of Islam originating in America composed of black Americans. Followers, sometimes called Black Muslims, believe that Allah (God) appeared in 1930 to the last great prophet Elijah Muhammad, in the person of Wallace D. Fard. Elijah Muhammad borrowed many beliefs from traditional Islam but introduced important differences. Most notable was the focus on black oppression and equating Satan and evil with the white race. Malcolm X became a notable leader of the movement in the 1960s and the focus on black supremacy and militancy escalated. Malcolm X later converted to traditional Islam and rejected radical black supremacy and was subsequently murdered. (Pittsburgh Courier, 1959).

Branch Davidians - Leader: David Koresh
In 1931 a breakaway group from the mainstream of Seventh-Day Adventism, the self-styled Branch Davidian, established a center at Waco, Texas. At noon on April 19th, 1993, David Koresh (formerly Vernon Howell) held fast with preaching on the riddle of the Seven Seals of Solomon before luring them into a fiery grave with the promise of immortality. (FBI files).

Center for Spiritual Awareness - Leader: Roy Eugene Davis
Also called: Christian Spiritual Alliance. Buddha, Sri Krishna, and Jesus were enlightened souls. "The second coming of Jesus is a fanciful hope. The awakening of individuals to the realization of their own Christ-nature is what will liberate man and transform society" (Darshan: The vision of Light, Roy E. Davis). Jesus was a man who reached Christ-consciousness and was on earth to share the truth of this consciousness.

Children of God - Leader: David Brandt Berg (Moses David)
Started as a fundamentalist counter-culture ministry, but drifted toward belief in the occult, reincarnation, and sexual freedom. The COG believes that Berg is the ONLY end-time prophet; that the COG IS the remnant church of the last days; that its authority is absolute; and in the use of erotic poetry and images in praise of God's handiwork.. (Moody Monthly July/August 1977).

Christian Scientist - Founder: Mary Baker Eddy
Christian Science is based on the words and works of Christ Jesus, and draws its authority from the Bible. Its teachings are set forth in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Although a distinctive part of Christian Science is the healing of disease by spiritual means alone, its higher purpose is universal salvation from every phase of evil - including sin and death . (Christian Science Webpages).

Church of the Living Word - Leader: John Robert Stevens
Also called: THE WALK. "Jesus Christ came to participate in humanity and make the bridge of communication so that God could communicate himself into our very beings. What He is, we become" (The Word Became Flesh, a Living Word Publication). According to Stevens, this begins with contemporary revelations which make the Living Word (Christ) to the World. Although some acknowledgment is made of the inspiration and authority of the Scripture, in practice the source of teaching is current revelation, not the Bible. Stevens considers himself God's chief intercessor.

Church Universal and Triumphant - Leader: Elizabeth Claire Prophet
Also called: Summit International or Summit Lighthouse. The Church Universal and Triumphant is a mixture of eastern religions, Theosophy, Christianity, and many other things. Elizabeth is recognized as one of the two witnesses of Revelation 11. Her late husband and founder, Mark, is considered a man that had the Christ Consciousness within him. He was one of many who achieved the "God self" witness.

Dhyana-Mandiram - Leader: Pandit Usharbudh
"God is essentially formless ... God may manifest Himself- Herself-Itself in any form, at any time, at any place, on any planet ... Jesus may be accepted as one of the many incarnations of God." (Hinduism: An Introduction, Pandit Usharbudh and Yorke Crompton).

Divine Light Mission - Leader: Guru Maharaj Ji
Guru Ji is the Living Perfect Master. Jesus was the Perfect Master of His time, but Ji has replaced Him. Ji claims the world needs the knowledge of Reality, and he claims to be the source of that knowledge and of peace in the world, according to David J. Hesselgrave, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

ECKANKAR - Leader: Sir Darwin Gross
ECKANKAR says it is the wellspring and essence of all religions, philosophies, and sacred doctrines. It claims to be the way to God- realization via the "ancient science of soul travel." ECKANKAR makes the biblical God into a demon who as creator is responsible for the evil in the world and defines Christ as "god as all men are god" (Eck World News, December, 1978, page 13).

Findhorn Foundation University of Light - Leaders: Peter and Eileen Caddy
"The Devic (Deva is a being of light) would emphasize that man has to do one thing to reverse the trend of events on the planet: he has to recognize within himself the Divinity and wholeness of which he is a part" (The Magic of Findhorn, Paul Hawken). They appear to be pantheistic. The group, a practicing a form of spiritism, became famous because the Findhorn community in Scotland has a producing garden near the Arctic Circle which is supposedly taken care of by plant spirits.

Hare Krishna Movement- Founder: Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
Also called: International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). To the followers of Krishna, the world is not real; it's illusion. Salvation comes by chanting the name of their god, Hare Krishna, at least 1,728 times daily. They believe in the literal interpretation of the Hindu scriptures, but they also accept the Bible as one of the scriptures. Jesus is one of their gurus.

"I AM" MOVEMENT - Leader: Guy Ballard (Pen Name: Godfrey Ray King)
Jesus, a man, developed the I AM/GOD SELF within himself. This almighty I Am presence is a pure reservoir of energy stationed over the head which can be drawn on at will. Directs praise and adoration on the 18th century French Occultist, St. Germain. This cult is an off-shoot of the Theosophical Society. Its modern form is called the Summit Lighthouse or Church Universal and Triumphant. However, the "I Am" movement still exists as an independent organization. (The 'I Am' Discourses, Saint Germain Press).

Iglesia Ni Cristo - Leader: Felix Manalo
"We believe in Jesus Christ, but we do not believe that He is True God. We believe in only one true god, the god of creation. Jesus Christ is a great savior and was commissioned by God to be the savior." (Research Center Bulletin, Far East Broadcasting).

Inner Peace Movement - Leader: Rev. Francisco Coll, DD
A form of spiritualism and spiritism combining ESP, astro-projection, psychic phenomena, etc., they introduce seven levels of consciousness. Christ consciousness is the highest. Jesus had reached Christ Consciousness and taught this while on earth. Jesus was a man. They separate Jesus and Christ. God is impersonal and spoken of as The All, The Cosmos, and The Universe (Every Wind of Doctrine, Hobart Freeman).

Integral Yoga Institute - Founder: Swami Satchidananda
"There are not many gods; there is only One. And that One has no name, no form, no place. (Thus Christ is not God.) He is everywhere - in actuality, neither he, nor she, nor it ... The two sides are positive and negative, light and shade. Evil is also God." says the Swami (The Youth Nappers, James C. Hefley).

Jainism - Founder: Mahavira
A world religion begun as a reform movement of Hinduism, Jainism was born out of teachings of Mahavira (b. 599 B.C.) who denied the existence or worship of a supreme deity and taught enlightenment through strict self-denial and non-violence. Later followers, however, deified Mahavira himself calling him the 24th Tirthankara (last great savior teacher) who descended from heaven without sin and with all knowledge.

Jehovah's Witnesses - Founder- Charles Taze Russell
Armageddon will be Jehovah's decisive battle against his enemies. The Witnesses regard this as a necessary battle to unseat Satan, a battle with over two billion dead, none of whom will be raised up to heaven. One side will use bows, arrows, handstaves and spears, and the other cloudbursts, floods, earthquakes, hailstones, all-consuming fires and flesh-eating plagues. At the end of the battle Christ will cast Satan in the abyss and Earth will become a paradise, with the souls of the 144,000 Jehovah's Witnesses raising from the grave to reign as the elect. (Millennium Prophecies, S. Skinner).

Laymen's Home Missionary Movement - Leader: Raymond J. Jolly
Similar to the Jehovah's Witnesses, they deny the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ. "John 4:24 - God is a Spirit. Luke 24:39 - A Spirit hath not flesh and bones ... In the first place, God directly tells us that Jesus is now a spirit being" (Epiphany Studies in the Scriptures). "Trinitarians have grossly mistranslated and miscapitalized this passage to read their trinitarianism into it, as they have done in other cases. The proper translation shows that Christ is not Jehovah ... He is Jehovah's appointed Savior for the world, not Jehovah Himself." (Epiphany Studies in the Scriptures- Series 1).

Liberal Catholic Church - Leaders: Charles W. Leadbeater & V.M. Matthews
"Obviously, God is not and cannot be a person. (Thus, no divine Christ.) The persons of the Holy Trinity are representatives or masks for the One God who is beyond individuality; is unlimited; eminent; and transcendent" (The One Existence, E.M. Matthews). The LCC is independent of the Roman Catholic Church and blends elements of theosophy and pantheism (These Also Believe, Charles Samuel Braden).

Megiddo Mission - Founder: Rev. L.T. Nichols
"Christ, Emmanuel, 'God with us,' is not the eternal God but the Son of God, conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, but wholly human in his nature - Matthew 1:23, Hebrews 2:16,17 .. "(History of the Megiddo Mission, published by Megiddo Mission Church).

Mormons - Founder: Joseph Smith, Jr.
Also Called: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The angel Moroni told Joseph Smith that a book written on golden plates, giving an account of the former inhabitants of North America and containing the "fullness of the everlasting Gospel" as delivered by the Jesus to the ancient inhabitants of North America, had been deposited on a hillside outside the town where Smith lived. With the plates were the Urim and Thummim, the two stones which were the prophetic oracle and interpreter of God's words and worn by the ancient Jewish High Priests. (Millennium Prophecies, S. Skinner).

Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God
More than 300 followers of this movement burned themselves alive March 19, 2000. They predicted apocolypse and committed mass sucide. The Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God was formed in 1989 by former Roman Catholic priests and nuns. One of them, Joseph Kibweteere, announced that the Virgin Mary had appeared before him in a vision. He said he was to found a mission devoted to living by the 10 Commandments. Kilweteere believed that the world would end on Dec. 31, 1999. When the apocalyptic day never arrive he led his followers into a low building, had them douse themselves with gasoline and struck a match.

Nichiren Shoshu Soka Gakkai (SGI) - Founder: Nichiren
Members of the SGI practice the Buddhism taught by Nichiren, a 13th Century Japanese priest whose philosophy centered around one of the last teachings of the first historically recognized Buddha (known as Siddhartha Gautama or Shakyamuni Buddha). This teaching, called the Lotus Sutra, declares that all living beings, regardless of gender or intelligence, have the potential to attain Buddhahood. (SGI Webpage).

Neuro-Linguistic Programming- Founders: Richard Bandler & Dr. J. Grinder Neuro-Linguistic ( NLP) techniques that allegedly enable practitioners to read random eye movements and other visual cues during conversation or counseling to "program" a client's behavior and restructure their core beliefs. Called "software for the brain," it is supposed to be faster and more powerful than traditional clinical counseling and can work without the subject's conscious knowledge. The co-founders have been heavily involved with other New Age practices. NLP failed scientific tests conducted by the U.S. Army.

Order of the Solar Temple - Leaders: Luc Jouret & Joseph Di Mambro
This group dabbles in New Age Holistic Health with Rosicrucian-like rites. 53 members were victims of suicide and/or murder in Switzerland and Canada in 1994. Shortly before Christmas Eve 1995, a ghastly discovery was made near the site of the 1992 Winter Olympics in the French Alps. Investigators discovered the charred remains of 14 members of the Order of the Solar Temple, victims of an apparent cult murder-suicide ritual. The scene was reminiscent of a similar cult ritual by the same group that took place 14 months earlier in Canada and Switzerland.

Peace Mission Movement - Leader: Father Divine (George Baker)
Baker distinguishes between Jesus and Christ. "I say B.J. not BC because it was before Jesus yet, in my opinion, it was not before Christ" (The New Day, September 1,1945). "Jesus, he (Baker) seems at times to regard as merely the temporal and physical embodiment of the Christ" (These Also Believe, Charles Samuel Braden). Baker has claimed to be God and the Holy Spirit. There are also references in Baker's writings to indicate that Jesus is God (Kingdom of the Cults, Walter Martin).

People's Temple Christian Church - Founder: Jim Jones
Jones, influenced by Unitarian Humanism, Father Divine, and Marxism, founded his church in 1977. He later claimed at various times to be God, Buddha, and Lenin. In 1978 at Jones' command, 914 people (including Jones) committed suicide or were murdered in Jonestown, Guyana:. The group is no longer in existence. (FBI files).

Psychiana - Leader: Frank B. Robinson
"At no time has God, nor will God, manifest Himself on this earth or anywhere as a person ... Jesus was no more than a human acting out the God-power" (They Have Found a Faith, Marcus Bach).

Radha Soami Society - Leader: Charan Singh
God is seen as attributeless, formless, and impersonal without personality and name, although they give "him" the qualities of love, grace, wisdom and power. The Society asserts that there are countless gods and goddesses, lords, rulers and governors in the universe (The World of Gurus, Vishal Mangalwadi).

Rajneesh Meditation Centers - Leader: Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
"But God is not a person. God is the process ... Existence is without cause ... In the beginning, there is no cause so in the end there can be no purpose" (Beyond and Beyond, Acharya Rajneesh). In 1981 Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh moved his community to a 64,000-acre ranch in Oregon, where his devotees experimented with toxic bacteria and tried to make the AIDS virus. Cult members actually poisoned several hundred voters from Oregon. with salmonella before one election as part of a plan to win control of county government. Five members went to prison for plotting to kill Oregon's U.S. Attorney; others fled abroad to avoid prosecution. (FBI files).

Rastafarianism - Leader: Halle Selassie
A religious group taking its name from Ras 'Tafari, a common name for former Emperor Halle Selassie of Ethiopia, considered a messiah and a champion of blacks. The religion developed in Jamaica in the 1920s and now claims adherents throughout the Caribbean and in the United States and western Europe. Rastifarians consider marijuana a sacrament. (Webster's Encyclopedia).

Rosicrucianism - Founder: Christian Rosenkreutz
(Literally the "Rose cross") Occult secret society allegedly founded by Rosenkreutz in 1407 in Germany who was under the influence of Egyptian Occultism. The movement has fragmented into a number of competing organizations promoting variations of the same general pantheistic, Occult themes. Similar to Theosophy. (Rays from the Rose Cross, December, 1978).

Ruhani Satsang - Leader: Kirpal Singh
"Jesus Christ was essentially a man of the East, and his teachings are imbued with oriental mysticism. It is even speculated that he spent many of his early years in India and learned from the Yogins and Buddhist monks" (The Crown of Life, Kirpal Singh).

Sacred Mushroom of the Cross - Leader: John Allegro
Book and corresponding church by the late Dead Sea Scroll scholar, Dr. Allegro. "Jesus" is allegedly the New Testament code word for a mushroom to be used as a sacrament to induce hallucination. (The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, J M Allegro.)

Sanatana Dharma Foundation - Leader: Yogeshwar Muni
(Also called Kayavarohan). Jesus is a man who achieved a divine state through meditation. Sanatana Dharma is considered the eternal path to truth leading to fulfillment and divinity. "Thus men, for the first time on Earth, could achieve the God level not only in concept, but in physical manifestations as well" (Vishvamitra Newsletter).

Satanism -
Worship of Satan, involving Occult rituals sometimes including animal or human sacrifice to Satan. Some Satanists do not actually believe in a literal Devil but unashamedly worship greed, lust and self. (Every Wind of Doctrine, Dr. Hobart Freeman).

Scientology - Founder: L. Ron Hubbard
Hubbard claims to have found the spiritual technology to dispense the one "true way" to man. It is a process working through levels of self-knowledge and knowledge of past lives to awaken the primordial deity within until a person is able to regain total godhood. Christ is a man "who achieved a 'state of clear' but not the higher state of 'Operating Thetan" (Certainty magazine, Vol. 5, No 10).

Second Adventist Movement - Founder: William Miller
Widespread trans-denominational movement of the 1830s made up of the followers of William Miller, who taught Jesus would return on October 22, 1844. Even after the Great Disappointment (the date's failure), a few of the remaining followers continued to believe. Some suggested revised chronologies and new dates eventually forming rival groups such as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Other remaining believers (Hiram Edson and Ellen G. White) suggested the 1844 date was accurate but a that a heavenly (thus invisible) event took place. These followers formed the Seventh Day Adventists which eventually spawned its own offshoots including the Worldwide Church of God and the Branch Davidians.

Self-Realization Fellowship - Leader: Paramahansa Yogananda
Group also called "Yogoda Satsanga Society." Separates Jesus and Christ. Jesus was indwelt by the Christ Consciousness. "Let the omniscient Christ Consciousness come to Earth a second time and be born in you, even as it was manifested in the mind of Jesus" (Metaphysical Meditations, SRF Publishers).

Shamanism -
A religion of the Ural-Altaic peoples in which shamans, or priests, call upon the aid of gods demons, and spirits for healing, divining the future, and magic. (Webster's Encyclopedia).

Shintoism -
"Deity is spirit, without form, unknowable ... changeless, eternal, existing from the beginning of Heaven and Earth up to the present, unfathomable, infinite ..." Veneration of ancestors and nature.(Source of Japanese Tradition, Vol. 1, editor William Theodore De Bary).

Shree Guru Dev Siddha Yoga Ashram - Leader: Swami Muktananda Paramahansa
Also called: Sidha Yoga Dham. This is a self realization group whose leader claims to be god. "This is the praise of the all- pervasive, formless, unmanifest, Absolute Being who manifest Himself in a thousand forms ... Above all, you will receive Divine Grace and finally realize your own divinity." (Songs of God, Guru, Self - Kabiraj).

Sikhism - Founder: Nanak
Sikhism developed an abstract and mystical monotheism. God is formless, sovereign, unknowable and absolute. However, a righteous person can call upon the grace of Sat Nam - God. If a person reaches salvation, which is by works, he absorbs into God. (Cults, World Religions and You, Kenneth Boa).

Sivananda Yoga Vedenta Centers - Leader: Swami Sivananda
Also called "International Sivananda Yoga Society." God (or Christ) is not a person or spirit, but Consciousness. He is sometimes reborn as a man, other times as an animal, plant, or even inanimate object. (The World of Gurus, Vishal Mangalwadi).

Spiritual Advancement of the Individual Foundation - Leader: Sri Satya Sai Baba
Jesus Christ is seen as an "Avatar," a deity descended to earth in bodily form. Sai Baba is Jesus Christ who was returned. Man, according to Baba, is Atman - Self or God. Man is under an illusion so that he forgets that he is God. Baba also teaches that God is ultimately without attributes (The World of Gurus, Vishal Mangalwadi).

Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship - Founder: Arthur Ford and others
"There was no Christ 2,000 ago. There was a man 2,000 ago through whom the Anointed One was able to manifest. The man died, Christ lived, and as the Holy Spirit has been helping ... The Divine Mind or the Concept of God has within himself all the faculties or qualities of both male and female. There can be no creative expression, there can be no life without these two qualities. So God is neither man nor woman." Ford, a former Christian minister, made these comments during a seance March 18, 1965 (Unknown but Known, Arthur Ford).

Spiritualism - Founders: Andrew Jackson Davis, the Fox sisters and others
The term "spiritualism" has been frequently used to denote the belief in the possibility of communication with disembodied spirits, and the various devices employed to realize this belief in practice. (Catholic Encyclopedia).

Sri Chinmoy Centers - Leader: Sri Chinmoy
Sri Chinmoy is a well publicized peace advocate, author, poet, musician and athelete who lives in New York City. He has devoted his life to the pursuit of world peace and "the fulfillment of the unlimited potential of the human spirit." He is founder of the Sri Chinmoy Centres Centres International, a worldwide organization of 250 centers promoting peace through innovative grassroots programs.(Kundalini: The Mother Power, Sri Chinmoy).

Still Point Institute - Leader: Sujata
Christ is an evolutive god, a cosmic Christ. A heavy influence of Zen Buddhism negates the personal God (The Still Point, William Johnson).

Subud - Leader: Muhammad Subuh (Bapak)
God is a "Great Life Force that flows through everything and everyone. It is impersonal." God is felt through "latihan" which is an inner vibration. The objective in Subud is to become passive so that you can experience and feel latihan (New Gods in America, Peter Rowley).

Sufism - Leader: Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan
Tasawouf, or Sufism, is the esoteric school of Islam, founded on the pursuit of spiritual truth as a definite goal to attain: the truth of understanding reality as it truly is, as knowledge, and so achieving ma'arefat. (Awakening Ways to Psycho- Spiritual Growth, C. William Henderson).

Swedenborgism - Founder: E. Swedenborg
A form of spiritism which also denies the person of the Holy Spirit. He is called an efficiency or sanctifying influence. "We ought to have faith in God the Savior Jesus Christ, because that is faith in the visible God in Whom is the Invisible; and faith in the visible God, Who is at once Man and God, who enters Man" (True Christian Religion, E. Swedenborg).

The Farm - Leader: Stephen
An eastern mysticism commune in Summertown, Tennessee. Jesus, a teacher, was a good man indwelt with Christ Consciousness. "In the telepathic medium of the Holy Spirit, Christ consciousness, Buddha consciousness, call it what you will, exist all the time. ... You don't have to call it Jesus or Buddha or Krishna, it's 'the consciousness'" (Hey Beatnik! 1974).

The Foundation Church of the Millennium - Leader: Father John
Denies the deity of Jesus Christ. It is an off-shoot of or the front for the Process Church of the Final Judgment (below) although they deny affiliation. They were both founded in September, 1966; began in Xtul, Mexico; listed their Midwest address as 1529 N. Wells Street, Chicago, IL; and have both since moved.

The Holy Order of MANS - Leader: Earl Blighton
Holds the occult-eastern view that Jesus was a great teacher, but merely a man who attained an impersonal kind of "Christ Consciousness. " They separate Jesus and Christ. They believe all can attain Christ- Consciousness (Spiritual Counterfeit Project, Berkeley, CA).

The Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy - Founder: Swami Rama
"In order to become true members of the Church of Christ, a person must know not who Jesus was, but what Christ is. Christ, Ishvara, is the very personal force pervading the universe that guides and illuminates every aspirant ... It is not an embodied person, but rather a force in which all individual beings are divine sparks ..."(Meditation in Christianity, Dr. Pandit Arya). Swami Rama has said, "Jesus Christ was perhaps the greatest of all Yogis."

The Process Church of the Final Judgment - Founder: Robert De Grimston
Though the main reason David Berkowitz (Son of Sam) murdered was because of his sexual frustration, there is also speculation that he was involved in Satanic cults and was a member of the Process Church of the Final Judgment. The Process Church of the Final Judgment is a Satanic cult, which is an offspring of the Church of Scientology . Charles Manson and his loyal followers were also affiliated with the Process Church in the late '60s and early '70s (The Ultimate Evil: An Investigation of America's Most Dangerous Satanic Cult, M. Terry).

The 3 HO Foundation - Leaders: Yogi Bhajan and Guru Ram Dass
The 3 HO means Happy, Health and Holy. "What is God? ... He is cosmic energy ... He is yin-yang; He is positive and negative. He is male, female ... When you say cosmic consciousness, you mean God ... You are God ... God is you. Man has never realized he is God ... God is a stick ... God is a cup ... God is a woman" (The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Bhajan).

Unification Church - Leader/Fonder: Sun Myung Moon
Moon states that God has dual qualities - spirit and energy. God is a personal being with consciousness, intelligence, love and purpose. Salvation can come only through the Messiah who achieves perfection, marries, and has perfect offspring. Christ, Moon says, was to do this, but He failed because he died before he could marry. Because He was resurrected, Moon says, Jesus did redeem man spiritually. The physical redemption of man will happen through a second Messiah, but not Christ. The implication is that Moon is the second Messiah. (Moody Monthly, July 1977).

The Way International - Leader: Victor Paul Wierwile
A very close counterfeit of Christianity. They believe in God, the Bible, Jesus Christ, salvation, and eternal life, but not the Trinity. Jesus is NOT God, and the Holy Spirit is a synonym for God (Jesus Christ is Not God, Victor Paul Wierwille).

Theosophical Society - Founder: Helena P. Blavatsky
Madame Blavatsky developed the idea of that humans evolved through seven root races. The sixth root race are said to be just beginning to develop in California (after those in Lemuria and Atlantis). This will be followed on from the arrival of the New World Teacher, or Messiah. This race will displace the present race after thousands of years. Life on earth, will end with the seventh race and will begin again on the planet Mercury. (Millennium Prophecies, S. Skinner).

Transcendental Meditation - Leader: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Also called "Spiritual Generation Movement," "Student's International Meditation Society," "TM." Maharishi says the reason for creation and individual life is the expansion of happiness. This is done by expanding one's consciousness through seven levels of consciousness. Jesus is considered an Enlightened One. Leaders have attempted to claim that TM is not a religion, but courts have ruled that it is, and the nature of its initiation rites prove that it is a Hindu derivative. (Meditations, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi).

Unitarians -
Unitarian Universalism is a creedless religion, they don't have a set of beliefs that all members must accept. Unitarians are a widely written group. You may be familiar with many famous Unitarians and Universalists like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Fulghum (All I really Needed to Know I Learned In Kindergarten), and Web Kitchel (God's Dog) without realizing that these writings actually started as sermons in Unitarian Universalist Churches. (Unitarian Webpages).

Unity School of Christianity - Founders: Charles & Myrtle Fillmore
Co-founded in 1889 by the Fillmores in Kansas City, Missouri, Unity is rooted in this couple's desire for physical healing. Both were wellversed in world religions. Myrtle discovered that by repeating the affirmative prayer, "I am a child of God, therefore, I do not inherit sickness," and praying for perfect health for two years, she was healed of terminal tuberculosis. Charles used the same type of prayer , and he was healed of injuries that had hampered him since childhood. Their friends soon began practicing affirmative prayer, the Fillmores began writing about their beliefs, and the Unity movement was born. (Unity Webpages).

Vedanta Society - Founder: Swami Vivekananda
Also known as "Ramakrishna Order." "They (gods) are human beings with extraordinary, original powers and entrusted with a Divine commission. Being heirs of Divine power and glories, they form a class of their own. To this class belong the incarnations of God, like Christ, Krishna, Buddha, and Chaitanya and their devotees of the highest order" (Hindu View of Christ. Swami Akhilananda).

Witchcraft -
"Wicca" is the name of a contemporary Neo-Pagan religion, largely promulgated and popularized by the efforts of a retired British civil servant named Gerald Gardner. In the last few decades, Wicca has spread in part due to its popularity among feminists and others seeking a more woman -positive, earth-based religion. Like most Neo-Pagan spiritualities, Wicca worships the sacred as immanent in nature, drawing much of its inspiration from the non-Christian and pre-Christian religions of Europe. "Neo-Pagan" simply means "new pagan" (derived from the Latin paganus , "country-dweller") and hearkens back to times before the spread of today's major monotheistic religions. (Alt.Religion.Wicca FAQ)

Zoroastrianism - Founder: Zoroaster
Zoroastrians are the followers of the great Iranian prophet, Spitaman Zarathushtra (known to the Greeks as Zoroaster). Zarathushtra lived and preached about three and a half thousand years ago, circa 1500 B.C.E. Iran, at the time of Zarathushtra's birth, was a land where many pagan gods and goddesses were being propitiated. The prophet Zarathushtra revealed to mankind that there was the One, Supreme, All-Knowing, Eternal God of the good creations---Ahura Mazda, the Lord of Wisdom, who was wholly Wise, Good and Just. Locked in open conflict he proclaimed, were the two primordial spirits---Spenta Mainyu, the Holy Spirit of Ahura Mazda and His diabolical adversary, Anghra Mainyu, the Hostile Spirit. (Zoroastrian Webpages).