The Da Vinci Code Skeptics
The Da Vinci Code had begun a sharp debate in the internet and print media. Believers and skeptics of The Da Vinci Code contested the book and movie's historical claims with unusual bitterness for what is, after all, just a novel and a Hollywood film. Dan Brown's work is within a well-known entertainment genre - - the murder mystery. But for the pro-Christian skeptics of The Da Vinci Code there was much at stake. Showing off scholarly credentials, the book and movie claim to unmask a centuries-old Church conspiracy to eradicate the secret, pagan-inspired and women-centered nature of the story of Christ. Its a facinating idea, not a new one to wiccans, but at the very least The Da Vinci Code box office success threatened to carry the ancient subversive traditions of the wiccans out of the shadow of their pagan past and into the mainstream.


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