Witch of Endor - The Skeptical Preacher's Interpretation

"How do you do, I'm Reverend Smith. I'd like to share with you some of the beliefs of my church as well as other Fundamentalists and Evangelical denominations. Our problem is with the story of the Witch of Endor from First Samuel, Old Testament. In the Biblical account, the witch at Endor calls King Saul from the grave. Our church has a theological problem with those who claim to talk to the dead. According to our beliefs the dead stay dead - dead as a door-nail, dead in the dirt - until the Second Coming of Jesus, when the dead shall rise up from the graves at Gabriel's trumpet call on Judgment Day. Until that dreadful day the dead shall stay dead, and NO ONE can speak with them! The Witch of Endor and all the other spirit-raisers to come are NOT talking to the dead, they are being tricked by demons, OR EVEN SATAN HIMSELF!"  


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