from the
Boston Journal
November 22, 1904

  ROCHESTER, N.Y., 1904: The skeleton of the man supposed to have caused the rappings first heard by the Fox sisters in 1848 has been found in the walls of the house occupied by the sisters, and clears them from the only shadow of doubt held concerning their sincerity in the discovery of spirit communication.
    The discovery was made by school children playing in the cellar of the building in Hydesville known as the "Spook House," where the Fox sisters heard the wonderful rappings. William H. Hyde, a reputable citizen of Clyde, who owns the house, made an investigation and found an almost entire human skeleton between the earth and crumbling cellar walls, undoubtably that of the wandering pedlar who it was claimed was murdered in the east room of the house, and whose body was hidden in the cellar.
    Mr. Hyde has notified relatives of the Fox sisters, and the notice of the discovery will be sent to the National Order of Spiritualists, many of whom remember having made pilgrimage to the "Spook House," as it is commonly called. The finding of the bones practically corroborates the sworn statement made by Margaret Fox, April 11, 1848.

"There was discovered a pedlars tin box as well as the bones, and this box is now preserved at Lillydale, the central country head-quarters of the American Spiritualists, to which also the old Hydesville house has been transported."
    from The History of Spiritualism by Arthur Conan Doyle

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