500 Years in Print

For five hundred years more
they will take notice of him,
who was the ornament of his time,
then suddenly, a great revelation will he give,
making the people of this same century well pleased.

    This Quatrain (3-94) probably refers to himself. In Salon, France where Nostradamus spent most of his life and is buried, the museum dedicated to him held a two day celebration in the great prophet's honor during December of 2003.

Some of Nostradamus' predictions that have come to past include details of the French Revolution , the rise of Napoléon, the Great Fire of London in the 17th century, the work of Louis Pasteur, Hitler and World War II, and of course the rise and fall of many European monarchs. More recently, the interpreters of Nostradamus have been debating whether or not he predicted the coming conflict with Iran.


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