Z ahi Hawass, Director-General of the Giza Pyramids, offers this rebuttal of the idea that the Sphinx is 15,000 years old:

The film (Mystery of the Sphinx) indicates an attempt by these pretenders to prove that the age of the Sphinx dates back to fifteen thousand years...[and that] the builders of the Sphinx, and consequently the Pyramids and other great antiquities, were not the ancient Eqyptians but other people of higher culture and education that came from the 'Atlantis' continent after its destruction and put beneath the Sphinx the scientific records of the lost continent! It is evident that this John West represents nothing but a continuation of the cultural invasion of Egypt's civilization. Before him was Edgar Cayce in Virginia who pretended he lived in Atlantis fifteen thousand years ago and then fled to Egypt with records which he buried near the Sphinx before the destruction of the continent! Jan. 8, 1994

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