Contrary to wiccan belief, the frequency of odd or werewolf type behaviors will probably be no more significant on a full moon than on any other night of the year, according to scientific reviews of the theory that the full moon alters the way humans and animals behave.

Ivan Kelly, a Canadian psychologist at the University of Saskatchewan says "My own opinion is that the case for full moon effects has not been made."

Doctor Kelly has published 15 papers on this topic and reviewed more than 50 others, including one that covered some 200 studies. He concludes that there is not strong evidence of an effect.

"The studies are not consistent," Kelly said. "For every positive study, there is a negative study."

According to The Daily Telegraph Mexican tequila distiller Jose Cuervo sponsored a London psychiatrist to study the relationship between the full moon and strange behavior as portrayed by the werewolves of London.

The psychiatrist, Glenn Wilson, found that the full moon has been portrayed in songs, folklore and legends for centuries as cause for celebration, particularly in the times before modern lighting.

A 2010 study using police, astronomical, and weather data from San Antonio, Texas, found no link to support popular lore that has suggested lunar phase influences the volume of crime reported to the police. The study was published in the Journal of Criminal Justice. 


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