John Lennon believed a stone egg he gave Uri Geller had been given to him by aliens

   John started talking about UFOs. He said he believed life existed on other planets, that it had visited us, that maybe it was observing us right now. He took me to a quieter, darker table, lit a cigarette and pointed its glowing tip at my face. "You believe in this stuff, right?" he asked me. "Well, you ain't effin' gonna believe this. About six months ago, I was asleep in my bed, with Yoko, at home, in the Dakota Building . And suddenly, I wasn't asleep. Because there was this blazing light round the door. It was shining through the cracks and the keyhole, like someone was out there with searchlights, or the apartment was on fire. That was what I thought - intruders, or fire. I leapt out of bed, and Yoko wasn't awake at all, she was lying there like a stone, and I pulled open the door. There were these four people out there."

"Fans?" I (Uri Geller) asked him.

    "Well they didn't want my effin' autograph. They were, like, little. Bug-like. Big bug eyes and little bug mouths and they were scuttling at me like roaches." He broke off and stared at me. "I've told this to two other people, right? One was Yoko and she believes me. She says she doesn't understand it, but she knows I wouldn't lie to her. I told one other person, and she didn't believe me. She laughed it off, and then she said I must have been high. Well, I've been high, I mean right out of it, a lot of times, and I never saw anything on acid that was as weird as those effin' bugs, man. I was straight that night. I wasn't dreaming and I wasn't tripping. There were these creatures, like people but not like people, in my apartment."
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