Beatles with Maharishi, 1968 painting by
Tom Howell

The Believer George Harrison

It was George Harrison that persuaded the Beatles to visit the famous guru, the Maharishi Yogi, at his spiritual retreat in India. Paul McCartney said, "It was George's idea to go. During Sgt. Pepper, George was the most interested in Indian culture. We were all interested in it - but for George it was a direction".

The Beatles had heard that those who practiced the techniques of the guru would be able to fly - to levitate off the ground. It was also said that the Maharishi's method of meditation could create world peace. They went to India, and were soon joined by other international pop stars like Donovan, the Beach boys (singer Mike Love in particular), Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones and, of course, a small army of journalists.

John and George stay almost two months. John Lennon asked the guru to demonstrate the ancient Hindu practice of "yogic flying", but never witnesses it for himself. He finally becomes angry with the Maharishi for not be able to demonstrate any psychic powers.

Because of the involvement with with such cultural icons, this guru's Trancendental Meditation takes off and becomes, to this day, a world empire worth millions.


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