The town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, was reportedly sent into a near panic - overrun by poltergeists, Men in Black, UFOs and fake service workers -- both groups had dark, sharp features, and wearing thick soled rubber shoes. All this occured during a thirteen month period from November 1966 until December 1967. Psychic Investigators also reported a strange creature that left cattle cadavers strewn about the cow pastures of Point Pleasant.

John Keel These phenomena appeared to revolve around regular sightings of a winged creature known as the 'Mothman'. There were hundreds of alleged witnesses to these phenomena - some claimed 'contact' with various otherworldly beings.

It seemed that anyone even some-what involved was affected, and Fortean Investigator John Keel, who had just come in from New York City to investigate the reports, was no exception.

After Keel was in town a little while, he started having troubling phenomena, such as many of his 'contactee' friends knowing of his future actions before he had himself decided on them. His phone line became almost unusable with untraceable interference, tapping, line cutting, crossed lines, harassments, hoax phone calls and dark photographers trailing him round Manhattan. . . "Between the IRS, the phone company. . . and flying saucers I was fast becoming a candidate for the funny farm".


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